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Cold call phone scam? Said he was jeff with omni and was calling regarding my tax problem. I have never had a tax problem. Called 2 more times on the recorder regarding "taxes". Have never done business with them. Be very careful if you receive a cold call and give zero information!

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They wont really get anything done and will just try to charge you more money. I wish I had seen all the complaints online before I hired them. I'm only out $1800 but other lose much more. When we tried to cancel and get our money back they said we owed more and tried to send us another bill. This company does exactly what all the complaints and class action lawsuits say they do. BEWARE Do not do business with this company!! you will be throwing... Read more

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My experience with omni financial started with a promise to get my tax issue resolved. Of course it came with an outstanding fee of 10,500 dollars for the 2yrs they worked on my case suggesting 1000 payment everytime they supposedly where to move forward. The representative that was assigned my case quit or was terminated or resigned from there board and decided he would go into business for himself of course suggesting that i continue to allow... Read more

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My late husband and I hired Omni several years ago to handle some major tax issues and all they did was soak money from us. Toward the end my husband had terminal cancer and was not able to handle things anymore and I did not know they were even still handling things. After he passed I contacted them because I noticed emails from the requested new POA's. After a few correspondence with them and discussing the loss of my husband they proceeded to... Read more

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Do not get a loan from this company!!!! The interest rate they charge is ridiculous and instead of helping you out for whatever they are screwing you over in the end, taking way more of your money in the long run. The take finically invulnerable military member and exploit them for money. Do not get a loan from them!! It was the biggest mistake I have ever made!!

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Don't do it.. Buyers remorse. This company is full of it.. Continousially asked me for multiple documents. Then asked for more money and refused to provide a resolution.. The solution they provided was mindless and unworthy. They did nothing differently then what I did myself. Thanks but no thanks! By far a scam to rip people off that's already experiencing financial issues. This company is a joke. Read more

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These are the very best at what they do. Mike and Katherine have been with me every step of the way. But equally important, they sincerely care about you. I would recommend them to anyone with tax issues. Elizabeth Kelley Read more

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BEWARE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I hired omni in 2014 paid well over $20,000 to help save my Dads Business borrowed money and took out loans thinking they would help me with a offer and compromise resolution, every time i thought we was coming to a close they came back with something negative and requested more money. Here i am in 2016 no progress put myself in more debt and no one has answers. My dad has to now sell his home he resides in and... Read more

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Omni financial called and said there was a tax lien against my son's taxes. Of course they didn't give me a name Even though I asked. We have always paid his taxes on time and used a CPA because he barely charges anything to add on my son's taxes. It's a complete scam.My son has autism and is under a court conservatorship. He makes approximately $3.50 an hour. They are despicable. I explained this to them and they still insisted there was a tax... Read more

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Someone from Omni called to tell me there was a tax lien against by business that I have now confirmed does not exist (as I expected, as I am current with all of my obligations, as I have now verified with the CA FTB, the CA BOE, and the OC Assessor’s/Collector’s Office). I have specifically confirmed through investigating the records of both the O.C. Recorder’s Office and the “catch all” Sacramento Recorder’s Office that no tax lien has ever... Read more

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